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Since 1972, Christy’s Car & Truck Rental has been serving both individual and commercial customers with our superior cargo van rentals throughout Providence and the surrounding areas. We are proud to be Rhode Island’s only locally owned car and truck rental company. Contact us today to request a quote by calling (401) 944-9800.

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Cargo Vans for Your Commercial Business

Your delivery van is acting up and needs to be seen by a mechanic right away. The only problem? You can’t go without a cargo van right now. You have important on-time deliveries to make that your customers are anxiously expecting. There is no need to worry when you can rent a cargo van from Christy’s. All our cargo vans for rent are late-model or brand new, which means you can rely on them to quickly and safely deliver those essential packages to your customers. We have an extensive fleet of cargo vans that are all different shapes and sizes. Our team can help you choose the best one for your needs.

we have a variety of cargo vans to rent!

Spacious & Comfortable Van Rentals

Are you planning a summer vacation with another family or group of friends? Is your e-commerce business experiencing an uptick in sales? Do you need one of our roomy van rentals for moving into your new home? Then you need one of our spacious and comfortable van rentals. With space for legroom and belongings, you will be glad you opted for a cargo van rental rather than trying to squeeze everything in your personal car.

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Why Rent from Christy’s?

  • Rhode Island’s only locally owned car and truck rental company
  • Free pickup and delivery from local auto repair shops
  • Affordable insurance replacements available
  • Cleaned and sanitized vehicles for the best value

Affordable & High-Quality Cargo Van Rentals

Request a quote today for our spacious cargo van rentals by calling (401) 944-9800. Located in Johnston, Christy’s Car & Truck Rental serves Providence, Warwick, and the greater Rhode Island area. We offer a wide variety of vehicle rentals including box truck rentals, moving truck rentals, SUV rentals, and affordable car rentals.

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