Do You Have An Upcoming Move? Rent A Truck From Christy’s!

If you are planning a move in the coming weeks or months, then securing a moving truck is one of the first things you’ll need to cross off your to-do list. Christy’s Car & Truck Rental has many moving truck rentals available to assist you on the journey to your new home. We offer affordable, first-rate trucks to move your prized belongings safely and securely to their new location. Let’s take a look at the trucks we can provide so that you can determine which would best suit your needs.

Moving truck rental

26-Foot Box Truck

Our largest moving truck available is the 26-foot long Hino 268A, or a similar model. For your convenience, these trucks come equipped with lift gates, power steering, air-assisted breaking, a diesel engine, and seating capacity for three. These 26-foot trucks can transport furniture and belongings from a home of up to six total rooms.

18-Foot Box Truck

If you don’t quite need the largest truck available, then the 18-foot Hino 155/195, or a similar truck, might be perfect for you. These trucks have a smaller capacity but offer the same options as the largest trucks, such as a lift gate, power steering, power breaking, a diesel engine, and space for three people. One of these trucks would be ideal for a smaller house or an apartment with less furniture to move.

16-Foot Box Truck

Our 16-foot Hino 155 box trucks offer similar features as their larger counterparts but are perfect for an individual or couple moving from a smaller home or apartment. Depending on the amount of furniture you need to move, these can hold the equivalent of a one to three-room home.

14-Foot Box Truck

The 14-foot long Chevrolet or GMC box truck can assist the individual or family with fewer belongings. These trucks have a lift gate and loading ramp and can seat two people. If you are moving furniture from a studio apartment or into a dorm room, you may not need a truck larger than one of these models.

Why Rent From Christy’s 

Whether you are relocating to a new home or moving into a university dorm, Christy’s Car & Truck Rental’s spacious moving trucks make it easy to load and unload your possessions. We even have a variety of moving supplies available, such as hand trucks. All of our moving truck rentals are either late-model or brand new, and we offer personalized customer service you won’t find anywhere else.

Reserve Your Moving Truck Today

You can trust Christy’s to meet your needs with a dependable and fully-stocked fleet of rental vehicles. As Rhode Island’s only locally-owned car and truck rental company, we have provided exceptional customer service since 1972. Contact us today at (401) 944-9800 to request a free quote. We offer affordable moving trucks to meet your needs in Providence, RI, and the surrounding areas.

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