Does Personal Insurance Cover a Rental Car?

At Christy’s Car & Truck Rental – Sunnyside Ave, we understand that people have different reasons for getting a rental car. Sometimes, people get in an auto accident that requires them to get a rental while they wait for repairs. Other times, people go on vacation and need reliable transportation to get around. In either case, does personal insurance cover a rental car?

Does Personal Insurance Cover a Rental Car?

Does Insurance Cover a Rental Car in the Event of Auto Accident?

Did you know that vehicles involved in auto accidents are typically in the shop for around two weeks? That is a long time to go without reliable transportation. If you’ve been in an auto accident requiring repairs, you will probably need a rental. In this situation, do you know whether your auto insurance includes a rental car? You may assume it does, especially if you have full coverage, but that isn’t always the case. Rental car coverage or reimbursement coverage is often an add-on to auto insurance policies. Typically, the rate is low, but some decline the coverage in an attempt to save monthly. While it does save a nominal monthly amount, you can incur more cost by having to foot the full bill for a rental for a couple of weeks. 

What If the Accident Is the Other Driver’s Fault?

If you find yourself in an auto accident caused by the other driver, you may be eligible for rental reimbursement through their insurance. However, it takes time to investigate and fully process the claim. It is not uncommon to have to front the rental cost and seek reimbursement after the fact. For this reason, it makes sense to include the coverage in your personal insurance policy or pay the cost yourself until the claim is resolved. 

Does My Auto Insurance Include Rental Car Coverage?

Now, let’s review whether your insurance policy covers you if you get in an accident in a rental car. Your personal insurance policy may cover your rental car under your liability coverage. Keep in mind that your insurance carrier would cover it only to the extent of your coverage, which may have limits. If the extent of your liability was more than your coverage, you would be responsible. Aside from liability insurance coverage, there is also collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. Insurance providers and their policies vary widely, so you should always check with your carrier to see whether you are covered for a rental car and under what circumstances.

Should I Add Christy’s Rental Insurance?

We recommend you check with your insurance provider to understand your coverage. Your personal policy may cover you. On the other hand, you may need to supplement to be adequately covered. When in doubt, go for our insurance coverage. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

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