How To Decide What Size Moving Truck You Need

One of life’s greatest mysteries, and a question that’s asked throughout the ages, is what size moving truck does one need? Christy’s Car & Truck Rental rents box trucks and moving trucks to a variety of customers. As a result, we get this question a lot. While we can’t give a specific answer in this setting, we provide some good guidelines in this article, and we hope it helps. 

How To Decide What Size Moving Truck You Need

Size Does Matter

When it comes to moving trucks, size really does matter. When you rent too small a truck, you have to make multiple trips. On the other hand, when you rent more than you need, you pay extra for space you don’t need. Still, most people prefer to go larger than the other way around.

First, List Your Inventory

You can’t determine what size moving truck to get until you know what you have to move. Unfortunately, many people rush through this process and misjudge how much stuff they actually have. Mistakes in either direction don’t help. Therefore, we encourage you to sit down and write an actual list of items. Be sure to include everything from furniture to appliances to linens, toys, collectibles, and everything in between. This step makes everything else go smoother. 

Second, Choose the Truck Size

Yes, listing inventory and researching trucks may take a little time. However, you’ll make up that time on moving day. Okay, keep that list handy because you’ll need it to choose a truck.

When it comes to choosing a truck, you have a couple of options. You can search for an online calculator that inputs all your items to calculate a moving corresponding moving truck. The other option is to review what’s covered here as a general guideline:

  • 10-foot box trucks can typically move small studios or one-bedroom “apartments.” Think of a college dorm room or studio. 
  • 15- to 17-foot trucks generally move a one-bedroom home or small, two-to three-bedroom apartment. From a room standpoint, think 3-4 total rooms. 
  • 20- to 26-foot moving trucks accommodate two- to three-bedroom homes or approximately five- to eight rooms. 

Third, Contact Us

Reserve your moving truck by starting an online reservation or requesting a quote. Also, feel free to give us a call with any questions, and we’ll do our best to help. Together, we’ll schedule a seamless moving day for you. 

Finally, Maximize Your Space

When moving day comes, make the most of the truck space you have.

1. Disassemble all the furniture to make more room.
2. Pack heavy items first at the back of the truck. Select items by their size and shape to make the most of the space.
3. Load items as compact as possible. Think of Jenga or Tetris or whatever puzzle piece game is popular nowadays.
4. Load boxes last, which you can insert into open spaces, crevices, and toward the front of the truck.

Make Your Move

Wherever you move in Rhode Island—Providence, Johnston, or nearby—Christy’s Car & Truck Rental is here to help. Call (401) 944-9800 to reserve your moving truck today. 

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