3 Road Trip Essentials for Your Adventure in a Rental Car

As you anticipate your next trip in a rental car, remember to plan for the journey as well as the destination. Whether you are traveling for business or an upcoming family adventure, you must pack some essentials to help your trip proceed smoothly. Let Christy’s Car & Truck Rental provide your car rental, minivan rental, or SUV rental from our fleet of vehicles while you focus on other travel logistics. Let’s look at three necessities you will want to include on your expedition in one of our vehicle rentals.

Travel Tips for Vehicle Rentals

1. An Emergency Kit

You always want to bring an emergency kit on any journey, especially if you are in an unfamiliar vehicle traversing unfamiliar roads. This should include a first-aid kit, a flashlight with extra batteries, an extra car charger for your phone, a blanket, and roadside flares. You never know what situation you might encounter along the way.

2. Road Trip Entertainment

Don’t forget to make your road trip playlist! You could also download some audiobooks and podcast episodes before your trip begins. If you are traveling with children, consider some travel games to help them pass the time. All of these options will not only make your time in the car pass much quicker but will even make it enjoyable for everyone.

3. Vehicle Documents

Ensure you have all of the vehicle documentation you could need and that it’s easily accessible. Keep your rental agreement, vehicle registration, vehicle owner’s manual, and insurance information together in one spot in case you need to reference anything throughout your trip. Since it’s common to feel disorganized in a car you aren’t familiar with, this will make it simpler for you.

Start Your Reservation 

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