3 Reasons to Rent a Vehicle for Your Holiday Travels

It’s difficult to believe another holiday season is already upon us, and preparations are in full swing. As you plan out your family’s festivities and any necessary travel arrangements, consider a vehicle rental to get you to your destination. Christy’s Car & Truck Rental can provide you with a dependable vehicle that will accommodate your needs on the journey, whether you are traveling near or far. Let’s review three reasons you should rent a vehicle for your holiday travels this season.

Vehicle rental for holiday travel

1. Get the Space and Comfort You Need

Sometimes, you need a little more space than your own vehicle provides for those out-of-state trips. If you would like to ensure plenty of room for your passengers, luggage, and any other cargo, you might want to choose a minivan rental or SUV rental to get you where you need to go for your holiday celebrations. 

2. Travel in a Reliable Vehicle 

Cars seem to break down at the most inconvenient times, such as when you are set to leave for a family trip. A late-model or brand-new vehicle would be the most reliable option for traveling long distances, preventing unfortunate surprises. At Christy’s Car & Truck Rental, all vehicles in our fleet are well-maintained. 

3. Save on Wear and Tear

Many people like to rent vehicles for their trips to avoid the extra wear and tear on their cars. If you want to travel without the added stress of putting mileage on your vehicle, a car rental is the best way to go. Our rentals are always clean and disinfected, an added bonus during the time of year when germs are rampant.

Start Your Reservation Today

Let Christy’s Car & Truck Rental help you to have a stress-free holiday traveling experience this year, courtesy of our exceptional customer service. And with our affordable prices, renting a vehicle is a practical option. Contact us today at (401) 944-9800 to start your reservation or to request a free quote. We have served Providence and the greater Rhode Island area with our simple rental experience since 1972.
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