6 Haunted Landmarks in Rhode Island You Must Visit

For those who love fall, the month of October, Halloween, and spooky stories, a trip to Rhode Island is right up your alley. Enjoy the beauty of changing leaves, fall festivals, and plenty of haunts. Christy’s Car & Truck Rental compiled a great list of six haunted landmarks in Rhode Island. Explore them after you pick up a rental vehicle if you dare. Keep reading to learn more.

6 Haunted Landmarks in Rhode Island You Must Visit

1. The Conjuring House

Any scary movie buff who loves the supernatural is familiar with The Conjuring franchise. The house that spawned the movie sits at 1677 Round Top Rd., which is a mere 25 miles from Christy’s. Initially, the Perron family lived in this farmhouse when strange things happened. The supernatural occurrences sparked Ed & Lorraine Warren’s interest, the otherworldly married duo highlighted in the movie. Today, the new owners offer investigation experiences for a price. Rent a car with Christy’s, book a stay at the farmhouse, and make your way there

2. The Graduate

Once dubbed the Biltmore Hotel, financier and Satanist Johan Weisskopf constructed the Graduate in 1922. Consequently, Weisskopf is said to have performed Satanic rituals there. Outside of Weisskopf, the hotel also hosted numerous murders and suicides. Today, guests frequently speak of disembodied voices enjoying parties in empty hotel rooms and expired guests wandering the halls. 

3. The Rose Island Lighthouse

Any structure still standing after 150 years has a chance of being haunted. The Rose Lighthouse is no exception. Since 1870, people say they have heard disembodied voices and footsteps in the halls. Additionally, doors close with no one around.

Why would a lighthouse be haunted? Apparently, the island also housed many patients quarantined with infectious diseases. Speaking of the island, you’ll have to park your rental and take the ferry over. If you’re brave, schedule an overnight. 

4. The Ladd School

The Ladd School, named after Dr. Joseph A. Ladd, operated from 1908 through 1994. Initially, Dr. Ladd’s vision of the school was one that cared for the developmentally disabled instead of having them tucked away in families’ attics and basements. However, funding proved difficult, and that impacted staffing and treatment. To cut costs, nurses stitched wounds without anesthesia, among a great host of other atrocities. Interestingly, the abandoned property resides a mere 30 minutes from Christy’s.

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